Composite Restoration

Ideal for Inlays, Onlays and Crowns

Popular and most affordable options for NHS patients. Our composite restorations are produced using a light cure resin based material which makes fantastic marginal fits.

Porcelain Bonded Crown (PFM)

Porcelain Fused to Metal

These are the staple of dental restorations. Although the strength is great the aesthetics are slightly compromised, as the metal substructure does not allow any light transference. All our PFM restorations are Crown nickel-free and safe for patients who may have a nickel allergy.

Full Metal or Gold Crown

Nickel-Free Metal Restorations

Our full metal crowns are available in various precious and non precious alloys. These are our strongest restorations and are usually suited to out of sight posterior crowns and bridges.

Available In:

White non-precious (CoCr, Nickel-free), White semi-precious (Ag-Pd), 40% Gold Yellow (40% Au) and 60% Gold Yellow (60% Au)

IPS e.max Press

For Best Aesthetics Use e.max

IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glassceramic  (LS2) provides accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics while simultaneously featuring a strength of 400 MPa. The result is a lifelike aesthetic appearance irrespective of the shade of the preparation.


Zirconia With Porcelain Overlay

ZirconArch is aesthetics and strength coexisting in harmony without metal that can mar the beauty of a crown or a bridge. ZirconArch uses the strength of Zirconia to make the strongest most beautiful large span bridge available. We only use superior quality Zirconia blocks with our in-house CAD-CAM systems. The milled restoration is sintered before being overlaid with e.max ceram porcelain for excellent natural aesthetics.