Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic dentures have been around for many years now.Dental prosthetics is an area of dentistry that deals with missing or deficient teeth They can be used as a temporary restoration or permanently. We are able to give your patient a high end denture with the perfect fit. Dental prosthetics is an area of dentistry that deals with missing or deficient teeth

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Chrome dentures are made with a metal base-plate or framework using cobalt chrome (CoCr, Nickel-free) material, making them ideal for all patients, particularly those with Nickel allergies. These are great for stability and strength allowing the patient to feel more confident with wearing their dentures. Chrome dentures are generally more hygienic than acrylic dentures, reducing deterioration through food accumulation and plaque build-up. We can produce metal partial dentures with Vitallium material, known to be stronger and more durable than cobalt chrome. It is also slightly lighter and thinner than the standard chrome dentures.

Flexi Denture and ComFlexin Dentures

Makes ComFlexin Unique & Comfortable?

In a word, flexibility. This flexibility allows the partial denture to go places a standard acrylic denture cannot. It uses these ‘spaces’ to ‘softly grip’ and secure itself to prevent movement during eating. The nylon based material will bend and flex with the contours of the teeth and eating motions making the ComFlexin denture the most comfortable denture available.